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Make Money From Art™ Exhibition Mentor & Student Paintings

Make Money From Art™

Mentor & Student Paintings
 Burra Regional Art Gallery
Feb 9-March 15, 2017

Jacqueline Coates with students of the Make Money From Art(TM)  Program at the first Barossa Art Residency at Salon Rouge Gallery, Kapunda, SA in 2012

In 2012, South Australian artist and single mum Jacqueline Coates decided to take her art teaching practice and revolutionary Blooms Painting Method(TM) to the world and created the Make Money From Art(TM)  Program, a new concept in art school involving teaching how to paint and how to create an art business that will succeed.

Busy mum of three Jane Spencer from Murchison in Victoria decided to see what the world of art held in store for her through the Make Money From Art Program and was instantly hooked from her first workshop painting in Melbourne. Two years into painting she had sold over 40 of her landscape dawn series paintings inspired by the rural region where she lives.

Almost five years later Jacqueline has mentored well over 100 students from all corners of the globe in her 12 month content program, as well as Australia wide with skype mentoring, comprehensive teaching manuals, an app and live painting workshop intensives. In February 2017 she will show the work of her students alongside her own and celebrate the successes of her students along the way.

Bon Beach Victoria artist Michelle Endersby learned how to paint
then had her first major exhibition in New York

Jacqueline's students have included a forensic criminal detective, mums, nurses, a wedding cake maker, an accountant, a jillaroo, a pharmacist, a banker, a family lawyer, a real estate agent, a school teacher and a  yoga teacher. They have come from outback Queensland and all states of Australia, from Dubai, New Jersey in the USA, Singapore, NZ, and Kuala Lumpur.

Jacqueline started by creating a wish list she would have loved to have had herself as an emerging artist, to help new artists flourish, be empowered quickly and support themselves in their own business with a distinctive body of work instead of wasting valuable time making typical mistakes most do when starting out.

Emma Target graduated from the Make Money From Art (TM) Program in 2014 and now has her own gallery and studio called Rupert Gallery  in Hobart. As well as making painting sales and product with her own designs, she curates other artists in exhibitions as well. Emma left life as a pharmacist behind to become a successful artist.

Students and graduates of the Make Money From Art Program have successfully shown in New York, New Orleans, 
had their painting splashed across a designer range of clothes, created home wares ranges and other products, sold commissions and plenty of paintings to pay for their art habit during the the program with an attitude of earn while you learn. Far from being penniless artists, one student made $27,000 during the program from winning art prizes and selling paintings.

              Jo White from Tamworth, NSW, with a painting in Progress at Salon Rouge Gallery,             Kapunda, the program's headquarters.
                   Jo started painting in November 2015 with Jacqueline whilst balancing a full time job.                      She now has an exhibition planned with Micheal Reid Gallery for 2017 who is representing her, has won art prizes and enjoyed a steady flow of painting sales. 

Melissa Simmonds was formerly a part time school teacher and still a busy mum  with a young family. It didn't stop her from learning how to take her painting to the next level, being selected to hang at the Mosman Art Prize in 2014 next to Ken Done whilst still a student, and opening her own gallery & studio in Inverell where she is busy with painting commissions & living the creative dream.  

Far from being penniless artists, like most art school students are,  it's the norm for Jacqueline's students to make money from their art whilst they learn to paint and create their business. One student made $27,000 during the program from winning art prizes and selling paintings on the way. 

'The difference between how I teach and how a traditional art school teaches their students,' says Jacqueline, is the practical mentoring the participants receive from a real life selling artist, not an art teacher on a wage.

'I'm in the business of nurturing artrepreneurs,    who can stand on their own two feet, believe in themselves, think laterally, not accept sheep thinking, and creatively support themselves through their art to enjoy a lifestyle as an artist. I also nurture their unique qualities so they can shine and enjoy appreciation from others.'

-Jacqueline Coates

Another student created a six figure income and was able to leave her job for good and take the family on a holiday they otherwise wouldn't have had if not for her art successes.

Mardi Busby from Victoria was already an accomplished artist but when she took the Make Money From Art Program, clarified her style and subject matter, and solved how she would be paid well for detailed paintings. During her course time she exported art to a luxury resort in Germany, won many art prizes and was courted by many galleries.

In February Burra Regional Art Gallery will host Jacqueline Coates art and her students, hold artist talks and workshops. The exhibition promises to be stimulating, and exhibit artists with wide ranging interests who make money from art.  

Jacqueline will be launching her book Make Money From Art during the exhibition.

The Make Money From Art(TM) exhibition opens on February 9 to the public with 

opening drinks and artists gathering Saturday 11th February, 2017 

Commencing with a painting demo at 3pm

How to paint a large canvas in one hour or less.
SPEECHES FROM 5.30pm and auction of the demo painting all proceeds to the gallery.

10 am painting workshop booking via art gallery
How to mix hundreds of colours from 5 tubes of paint.
With Jacqueline Coates

1pm Artist Talk on Make Money From Art

$30 all inclusive.

Burra Regional Art Gallery
5/6 Market Street, Burra, SA 5417 

ENQUIRIES & Bookings  to Burra Art Gallery
Denise Officer; 0411 749 473